4.6 years ago VerseIdeas created by user. 4.5 years ago short pages flowed on VerseIdeas wiki 4.4 years ago Admin field activated on VerseIdeas wiki.4.3 years ago pieces of wiki forms around VerseIdeas wiki after collision with a huge wiki.4.2 years ago ice cloud pages form.4.1 years VerseIdeas wiki got a lot of pages.3.8 years ago users visited VerseIdeas wiki.3.8 years ago founder cooled down, Admin field stopped&began to lose edits. VerseIdeas wiki began to lose edits&pages. remaining pages froze to form short pages.Today VerseIdeas wiki has short edits. A while later VerseIdeas wiki becomes popular again by verse and dimension wiki users a time 40,00-50,000 times longer than a while later verseideas wiki is stripped of off everything when central wiki is popular